RM has had a tumultuous life. From the age of three, social services have been involved with his family and at the age of seven RM went into care. He has been in and out of care over the years.

RM was allegedly involved in gang-related and criminal activities. He was also a victim of a stabbing. As a result of his challenges, RM dropped out of school.

RM previously accessed the BEETS careers guidance service in which I referred him to Bridging the Gap (BTG). BTG understood why young people offend, the challenges RM encountered finding meaningful work and the challenging background RM came from. BTG was better able to help RM to refocus and become ready for meaningful employment.

After completing the BTG programme (that focused on helping RM to develop his confidence, self-management, commitment and competence), 

 he was now ready to move onto ELEVATE (BTG), a programme that helped RM to develop his interpersonal skills and understanding of the work environment.

With support from BEETs and BTG, RM applied for the Barnet Apprenticeship Offer with LBB in August 2019. He received support in preparing for the interview and filling in the application pack.

RM was not successful in securing the apprenticeship placement he applied for, however, based on his presentation another opportunity was created for him.

RM is now thriving in his placement.